Do you want to rent the pilot stage?

The pilot stage at Kloden Theatre is now established in Kabelgata…

Our pilot stage will open at the start of 2021

Towards the end of a very demanding year (for all of us!) It is a pleasure to announce that Kloden Pilot opens over the New Year. We look forward to inviting you!

Mari Haugen is our new producer

Let us introduce our new employee and producer, Mari Haugen.

Kloden all over Oslo

Recently, we received support from both the Cultural Council and Fritt ord for a series of performances and events that will take place around Oslo in the autumn of 2021.

Infection control at events by Kloden

Now that we are starting to invite to performances and events, it is important to us that you feel safe and know that we follow the rules for infection control.

Sneak Peak in to Kloden Pilot

The dugnad and construction work are well underway in Kloden Pilot, and we are seeing a theater grow.

Do you want to be part of our dugnad?

Do you want to help build Kloden Pilot? From now on, we will…

The sign is up on the wall

Today our sign was mounted on the facade of Kabelgata 19

Kloden i Sentrum postponed

Due to the pandemic, we are postponing the festival Kloden i sentrum to fall 2020. These are challenging times, but we will meet again soon!