GoFigure! is launching Relaxed Program to include more children and young people during this year’s festival

8. June 2023

With the Relaxed Program, GoFigure! aims to include children with learning difficulties, autism, and other sensory challenges.

Research* shows that potentially vulnerable groups, such as children and young people with disabilities, have limited opportunities to participate in cultural activities. There is thus a gap between the legally established rights to participate in cultural activities for the entire population and the actual offerings available to groups that require adaptations to participate. GoFigure! aims to address this issue.

We are inspired by the UK’s longstanding commitment to Relaxed Theatre, which is based on the idea that theatre is often perceived as inaccessible to those with sensory challenges. Relaxed Theatre is therefore tailored to individuals with learning difficulties, autism, and other sensory challenges.

Torunn Tusj, festivalsjef

The performances with the Relaxed Program during this year’s GoFigure! are “kinShips” and “Rock me baby.”

The goal is to make the theater experience accessible by making it predictable and safe. During the shows in the Relaxed Program, it’s completely fine to enter and exit the performance space if you need a break. Hearing protection and cushions are available in a quieter corner, and it’s possible to explore the set before the show starts. This is also an opportunity to interact with the performers. Information material can be sent in advance to ensure that visitors are well-prepared before their visit.

The performances in the Relaxed Program are free. If you wish to support GoFigure!, you can make a voluntary donation via Vipps.

Send an email to info@gofigure.no and request tickets, and they will contact you as soon as possible to clarify your wishes and needs.

*Research conducted by Anita Salamonsen and Wenche Torrissen at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.