The way out is the way in – Christine Nypan

“ The way out is the way in” is a celebration of movement, rhythm, and sound, highlighting the innate musicality that exists in each individual.

The performance emphasizes how the body’s natural groove can serve as its own soundtrack, producing an instinctive form of musical expression through physical movement.

The sound of the movements is captured and manipulated in real-time by two DJs and music producers, in a dynamic and ever-evolving auditory landscape.

The collective body journeys through the transformative connection to music, tapping into the visceral relationship with rhythm, sound, and community.

Co-creators and performers:
Abigail Vrede
Tonje Svendsen
Eshidoreen Paradiso
Mathias Englestad
Carina Stave
Tuva Godnes Iversen
Carl Peters
Benny Nguyen
Pernille Øien
Egil Mikael

Composition and live music:
Nikolai Nypan
Arvid Ingvarsson

Light design: Eirik Lie Hegre

Costume design: Amanda B. Vesthardt

Artistic guidance: Mia Habib
Bojana Cveijc, Janne-Camilla Lyster

Voice work: Marius Holt

Photo: Rina Abantao

Forestillingen er den avsluttende prosessen til Christine Nypans  MA i koreografi fra Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo. Visningen er et samarbeide mellom Kloden teater og Christine Nypan.

Christine Nypan works as a performing and creative dance artist in the street and club dance field. Chriz has furthered her education in Housedance in Paris and New York where she is part of the NYC based female housedance crew MAWU. She  the co-founder of MUD -sessions Oslo who works to promote the house dance culture in Oslo through open sessions and club nights.

Chriz has collaborated and worked with choreographers and companies such as: Frikar(NO), Membros ( BR), Mia Habib(NO) Deep Down Dopeizme, Tentacle Tribe (CA), Jens Trinidad, Panta Rei Dance Theater, Viktor Frojd( SW), Marika Peura(FI) Elle Sofe Sara, Sudesh Adhana, Rapahelle Delauney (FR), Leela Petronio(FR) and Tishou Aminata Kane(FR) etc. Chriz has been part of establishing the street dance education at Edvart Munch Hight school. Chriz has won and been a judge for battles in Norway, Sweden, USA, France and more.

As a dance maker she has performed collaborative dance pieces at Dansens hus, Stockholm, Urbfestival Helsinki, Inkonst Malmö, Dansens hus, Scenehuset, Urban Moves and for DKS Akershus, Viken, Vestlandet and Rogaland.

Søndag 5. mars 2023