Oslo Culture Night: The Face of the Road (Veien sitt ansikt) – Julian Karenga

The Face of the Road is a coming-of-age tale inspired by myths and fairy tales.

We meet the Boy who embarks on a journey to find his father. During the journey, he tries to piece together fragments of a childhood marked by substance abuse and neglect. The northern Norwegian cityscape of Tromsø becomes a stage for a magical tale that blossoms from sorrow. To understand himself, the Boy must understand his father, who has almost become a mythical figure in his life. Along the way, the Boy has helpful companions, including his younger brother, a chubby cat, and his classmate Marte.

Target audience: From 12 years

Venue: The Pilot Stage, Kloden Theatre


Dramatist and Director: Julian Karenga

Costume Designer and Set Designer: Fanny Bjørn

Dramaturg and Producer: Hedvig Bergem Søiland

Lighting Designer and Technician: Philippe Schneider

Actors: Nami Kitagawa Aam, Kaleb Haile, Thor Normann, and Ingrid Steinholdt Mortensen

Watch Julian Karenga in conversation with Mine Nilay Yalcin, where they talk about themselves, the audience, their working process, and what inspires them:

Oslo Culture Night is Norway’s largest one-day festival with events all over the city. It’s an annual opportunity to get to know the cultural life in Oslo – completely free! Culture Night has become a tribute to and a showcase of Oslo’s cultural actors.

Friday 15. september