19. February 2020

Why are we building a theatre house outside of the city centre?  

Oslo is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The young part of the population is growing rapidly, both in numbers and relative to the total population in the city. 

When we started working on Kloden, we did a large survey and we researched the infrastructure of Oslo, where children and young people live, where there are few cultural activities and where the current stages for professional performing arts are located. We want Kloden to be available to as many people as possible and at the same time be located where there are few cultural buildings, and to be a hub where the theatre and the local community can strengthen each other. 

Audience, population and development of the city

Where in Oslo will children and youngsters live in the future? 

In this city map, we see that most children and youths live in the neighbourhoods outside of the city centre. 

Looking at the estimates for the city population in 2040, we see that the population of children and youngsters will continue to increase in these districts: 

Far more children and youngsters are currently living in the eastern part of Oslo. This difference seems to remain relatively stable for the next decades. 

Kloden and Økern, a perfect fit

Based on the information from our research, we understood that the optimal location for Kloden would be on the east side of the city centre, somewhere on the axis Grønland -Hovinbyen. An eastern, but relatively central location ensures good availability for artists, audience and inhabitants. Located in this area, Kloden can become an important place for the performing arts field and the young audience, and at the same time be a significant resource in the local community. 

Kloden at Økern means that we are in the middle of Hovinbyen, Oslo’s largest development area. Hovinbyen at Økern is Oslo’s most ambitious city development projects. The Oslo city council estimates that this area will inhabit around 100 000 people in 10 years. Right across the street from our theatre house you will find Oslo’s largest high school, Kuben Yrkesarena. OBOS, Norway’s largest housing developer, is building approximately 3 000 new apartments down the street, and there are several kindergartens and primary schools within walking distance. By establishing Kloden at Økern, we are helping to develop the neighborhood, making it a vibrant and good place to live. 

Økern is a hub for public transport, located 10 minutes by metro from Oslo Central Station and connected with many bus routes. Økern becomes a natural centre for Hovinbyen. The geographical area Groruddalen is a populous area, with over 140 000 inhabitants, but despite this we find few cultural arenas located here. Kloden will have close ties to the local community, contributing to expand the city to highlighting knowledge and creativity existing outside of the inner-city centre, and be an artistic engine in the development of Oslo.