We are showing theatre this summer – completely free

7. August 2023

Few plans for the summer vacation? Kloden Theatre wants all children and young people to experience great performing arts. From Ester Askeladd, who is determined to win the princess and half the kingdom, to the battle between addiction and love. This summer, we are showcasing several performances – all of them free for children, youth, and adults. Welcome!

Askeladden and the BEST helpers (Askeladden og de BESTE hjelperne) – Campingkompaniet

Time: 30th June at 2:30 PM and at 4:00 PM

Campingkompaniet is a traveling theatre company that tours all around Norway, crossing and exploring even the most remote corners, under the overarching motto of ‘theatre for people where they are.’ Now, they are coming to Mini Pride with the thrilling performance Askeladden and the BEST helpers. Yes, Campingkompaniet creates theatre shows based on old Norwegian folk tales, but with a little twist.

In addition, they tour around in a colorful ship that moves as well on land as it does on water and in the air!

Or… was it perhaps Askeladden who did it? In Campingkompaniet’s Askeladden and the BEST helpers, we meet Ester Askeladd, who is determined to win the princess and half the kingdom. But who are these helpers that Askeladden encounters on his journey? And what can they actually help with? One thing is for sure. They are not just good, they are supposed to be the BEST, and with the help of the audience, they become exactly that.

Welcome into Campingkompaniet’s wild universe where anything can happen!

Target audience: 5 years and older, but everyone is welcome!

Venue: Mini Pride/Myntgata 2


Direction: Mats Eldøen, Cathrine Frost Andersen

Cast: Lisa Birkenes Thun, Sofia Knudsen Estifanos/Madeleine Fredstad Røseth

Photo: Magnus Skrede

The big bad Fox, perhaps (Den store stygge Reven, kanskje) – Fredrik Floen, Alexandra Tveit & Simon Asencio

Time: 13th July at 11:00 AM and 14th July at 11:00 AM

Welcome into the workshop where dolls, dance, and music come to life! The big bad Fox, perhaps, is a puppet saga that explores non-human life through animation and a playful approach to objects and materials.

In a dark-ish forest, you will meet hand puppets without puppets, an egg, the mushroom at the end of the world, wandering trees, a medieval dance, a cute hedgehog, and a group of animals dressed as hens. Puppets animate other puppets, and together, they create a grand dance that animates a world of animals, bacteria, plants, and a landscape of relationships and ways of being in the world. The choreography explores movements, the world of puppet theatre, a rain shower, nature’s mysterious deeds, and an ambiguity between leading and being led.

Young researchers aged 3 to 6 years, along with their parents, are invited to grab their binoculars and carrots, find a spot in the forest, and actively witness what happens on the stage!

Target audience: 3 – 6 years

Venue: Pilotscenen, Kloden teater, Kabelgata 31


By and with: Simon Asencio, Alexandra Tveit, and Fredrik Floen

FEAT music: Sigrid Lerche

Photo: Marthe Nyvoll

EMMA – Sacha Slengesol Balgobin

Time: 30th July at 7:30 PM

Emma meets Leo, and the infatuation is all-consuming. Leo quickly becomes Emma’s new best friend and boyfriend. Together with Leo, she finally feels whole and good enough. They live together in a bubble of euphoria. However, it turns out that Leo also experiences these feelings other places.

Emma has an open mind. However, her open mind gradually closes as the situations Leo puts her in become more and more extreme.

“EMMA” is a performance that addresses the battle between addiction and love. It explores being a close one to someone struggling with addiction, the desire to help, but most importantly, how to help oneself.

Target audience: For teenagers and young adults

Venue: Pilotscenen, Kabelgata 31

The face of the road (Veien sitt ansikt) – Julian Karenga

Time: 15th September at 7:00 PM

The face of the road is a coming-of-age story inspired by myths and fairy tales.

We meet the Boy who sets out on a journey to find his father. During the journey, he tries to piece together fragments of a childhood marked by substance abuse and neglect. The urban landscape of Tromsø in Northern Norway becomes an arena for a magical adventure that grows from grief. To understand himself, the Boy must comprehend his father, who has become almost a mythical figure in his life. Along the way, the Boy has good helpers, including his younger brother, a chubby cat, and his classmate Marte.

Target audience: From 12 years old

Venue: Pilotscenen


Playwright and director: Julian Karenga

Costume designer and scenographer: Fanny Bjørn

Dramaturge and producer: Hedvig Bergem Søiland

Light designer and technician: Philippe Schneider

Actors: Nami Kitagawa Aam, Kaleb Haile, Thor Normann, and Ingrid Steinholdt Mortensen

Photo: Leah Solomons