Rental of premises and equipment

We have two production spaces for rent; The Pilot Stage and The Loft.

The Pilot Stage

Kloden Theatre’s Pilot Stage is a black box with a seating capacity for 60 unnumbered seats in an amphitheatre arrangement. For performances without an amphitheatre setup, the audience capacity can be adjusted upwards.

At the Pilot Stage, we program showings of Norwegian and international performances, and we also rent it out for other organizations to showcase their productions here. All performances presented publicly at the Pilot Stage, including rentals, must be targeted towards a young audience. The stage can be rented both with and without technical equipment.

For production purposes, the Pilot Stage is rented out to the entire performing arts community, including the production of shows that do not have a young target audience.

The Loft

The Loft is a production space of approximately 300 m2 located at Kabelgata 19. It is also suitable for presentations, but with a limited audience capacity of 20.

Please contact us at for pricing and availability.


Venue & teknisk info (NO)

Venue & technical info (EN)

Address of the Pilot Stage:

Kabelgata 31, 0581 Oslo

Address of the Administration/The Loft:

Kabelgata 19, 0581 Oslo

Contact, Technical Manager:

Anders Borchgrevink
+47 93 61 80 98

Contact, Producer:

Mari Haugen
+47 91 51 56 37