«Lavaskogen»: Production from Kloden Teater goes on an international tour.

12. June 2023

After its premiere at Kloden Teater in 2022, where the performance received glowing reviews and played to full houses, «Lavaskogen» is now ready to conquer international stages.

– We received close follow-up and valuable external insights from Kjell Moberg at Kloden Teater during the production of «Lavaskogen». Kloden Teater also organized five rounds of test audiences, allowing us to adapt elements such as tempo and rhythm based on their feedback, says choreographer Ingri Fiksdal about the collaboration with Kloden Teater for the performance of «Lavaskogen».

Target audience with great potential

– «Lavaskogen» is a dance performance that emphasizes the sensory experience. The audience has the opportunity to recognize the dancers movements in their own bodies, as the audience members themselves are bodies with diverse physical experiences. This is often referred to as kinesthetic empathy.

This is how the choreographer describes the storyline in the touring children’s performance.

Can you be more specific?

I do not want to reduce the narrative to the verbal level because dance and choreography also exist on their own level of meaning. The performance is not a single message but a complexity of different levels of meaning experienced through the senses. The target audience is highly imaginative, and there is great potential for diverse interpretations.

Ingri Fiksdal

Fiksdal became interested in the children’s segment through having her own children who are of elementary school age. Her next production at Kloden Teater is «Stillheten» (The Silence), which is aimed at a slightly older target audience, from 5th to 7th grade.

– The starting point for «Stillheten» is to outline a future world where people have to carry their own houses, says Fiksdal about the next production.