Kloden Theatre secures its future with 3 million in public operational support

19. June 2023

– This is primarily a great recognition of our work in realizing the new theater house, Kloden Theatre, with performing arts for children and youth,” says a delighted theater director, Ådne Sekkelsten.

Today was a historic day for Kloden Theatre. The theatre has been included in the national budget. With 3 million in operational support, the theatre has the means to meet its operational needs and can continue the parallel work on the new theatre house, Kloden Theatre.

We stand on the threshold of something great as we begin the construction of the theatre house in the old factory premises. Alongside that, we will continue our artistic activities for children and youth. Here at Kloden Theatre, we present the country’s best artists, and now we have the opportunity to do even more of that.

Ådne Sekkelsten, Theatre Director

Historic day for Norwegian performing arts

Artistic Director of Kloden Theatre, Kjell Moberg, refers to the day as historic.

– This is a historic day for Norwegian performing arts. We have good support systems for producing performing arts, but no dedicated spaces for production and presentation. With the realization of Kloden Theatre, the entire performing arts field will receive a significant boost, he says.

Moberg emphasizes that with government funding, the theatre can reach even more of the audience members who are experiencing theatre for the first time, and refers to the UN Convention on Human Rights.

It is stated that everyone has the right to experience art and culture. Through this allocation, we can come closer to that goal by offering performances to all segments of the population.

Kjell Moberg, Artistic Director

Motor in urban development

With this, Kloden Theatre receives state recognition for its commitment to arts and culture as a motor in urban development.

– I have a fundamental belief that art and culture are important for people. Facilitating artistic experiences for children and youth is our mission. We are familiar with the field and its needs,” says Sekkelsten, adding:

– This is a great day for the performing arts field, for children and youth, and for everyone in Oslo and Groruddalen.