Kloden pilot – first building phase of Kloden Theatre

31. January 2020

In February, the restoration of Kloden Pilot will start in Kabelgata in Oslo.


foto: Leif Ørnelund. Oslobilder
foto: Leif Ørnelund. Oslobilder

The space in Kabelgata 31 was formerly a laboratory for Standard telephone and cable factory, where they, among other things, simulated lightning (!) to check what the cables could withstand. Now it will soon be a place for artistic experiments and experiences. Today, it is an empty warehouse, with hight ceilings and just over 300 square meters. Before it can be used, we must install ventilation, curtains, as well as wardrobes, showers and toilets. In addition, we will lay wooden floors on the concrete floor.

Close to street life outside

In the protected facade there is a large driveway that makes it easy to carry scenography in and out, and the large windows opens up to street life outside.

From Pilot to Theatre

We have received a gift from Sparebankstiftelsen for the purchase of audio and lighting equipment and install light rigs, as well as seating. All of this is sized so that it can be moved from the pilot down to Kloden Theater’s smallest hall when the next construction phase begins.

Lack of production and exhibition space

The Oslo municipality’s survey of cultural infrastructure shows that the performing arts field stands out with a precarious lack of production and exhibition space. We want to do something about this. First with the Kloden Pilot, then with the Kloden Theater where there will be four production rooms.

Open to the public

Our festival, “Kloden in the center”, will be moved to Kabelgata as soon as the venue is ready. And throughout the year we will have a number of social and cultural events here, for the local community and for students at the Kuben high school, our closest neighbor. We will program screenings of Norwegian and International performances for children and young people, and we will also rent out so that other actors can show their performances here.

In the heart of Hovinbyen

Kabelgata, where the Kloden Pilot and the future premises of the Kloden Theater lay 70 meters away from each other, will become the social and cultural heart of Hovinbyen. The area is Norway’s largest urban development area, and over the next 10 years it is planned that the area will have 40,000 new inhabitants. In the long term, the district will accommodate 100,000 inhabitants. Being in place already gives us a unique opportunity to build up our services in line with the development of the area, all the time in close dialogue with the local community and youth at Kuben.

Kabelgata, a social and cultural street

Kabelgata is already a street with a lot of life. Kuben high school, several art studios, fashion designers and the Historical Museum are already here, and the Culture Tower is building a permanent space with concerts, dining and nightlife.