Internship students in EU project

12. June 2023

We are participating in an EU project where we explore what young people want from a theater. The project is called “3Place – Performing Arts as the Third Place for a Young Audience” and is led by Scenekunstbruket with partners in Germany and Czech Republic.

Before Easter, we had three boys from the Information Technology and Media Production program at Kuben Upper Secondary School on an internship here with us and Scenekunstbruket. It has been three incredibly fun and wonderful weeks! Ali, Iulian, and Mikkel have immersed themselves in the fieldwork of 3Place, conducted interviews, visited Tori Wrånes’ studio, created short films, and recorded a podcast that you will get to hear soon.

Digital workshop

The internship period concluded with a digital workshop hosted by Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, the German partner, with the participation of young people from the three participating countries. We started to explore what young people desire from theater and what it takes for them to feel at home.

First camp – Involve

Now it’s Germany’s turn, with the first camp in the project taking place at JES Stuttgart. Ali, Iulian, and Mikkel are participating, both to take part in workshops and to continue their work documenting and commenting on the project.