KLODEN will be a unique place for the performing arts and young people in Norway, and we think it should be located in Oslo. In the capital, a place like this can quickly become sustainable.

About 80% of the professional performing arts in Norway is produced in the Eastern Region. But the performances are played more often and for much more audience elsewhere in the country. We want to make more performing arts available to the public in and around the capital. And we will guide as many artists as possible through consultation, dramaturgy, seminars, focus groups, workshops and anything else they want and need.

The population is greatest in and around Oslo. According to Statistics Norway, it is approximately 130,000 people in the agegroup 0-17 in Oslo and 140,000 in Akershus. Moreover, Oslo is among the cities in Europe growing the fastest. This has social and cultural, but also demographic consequences, as the young part of the population increases rapidly, both in number and relatively to the total population.

But where in Oslo? In order to answer this question, we have mapped both the public transport infrastructure, where children and young people live and where the professional performing art is displayed. In addition, we have looked at the location of the Oslo Municipal Cultural Centers, and where in the city we find museums, libraries and festivals with a program for children. We are in dialogue with Oslo Teatersenter and several others who have classes in theater and dance.

We have had meetings with many of these actors to gain insight into content and operations and, in particular, talk about possible collaboration. We have done this because the performing arts is interdisciplinary (it is a mixture of many different expressions), and a place like KLODEN can therefore be a resource for people both inside and outside the performing arts field, and vice versa.

In the pdf on this page, we show maps of both demographic development, public transportation / growth areas and performing arts institutions. We focus on these three topics because we believe a place for the young and the performing arts should be in an area where there´s not much cultural activity already. At the same time, the place should be available to as many children and young people as possible.

Some prerequisites: It should be easy to travel to KLODEN, and it should be a safe area to travel alone for children and adolescents. Furthermore, KLODEN should be placed where the local community and KLODEN can, to the greatest extent possible, strengthen one another mutually.

First we must get an overview of what already exists. On the map in the PDF below, we show the location of existing performing arts institutions with events and performances for children and youth.


Based on this information, we believe the optimal location will be on the eastern side of the city center, somewhere on the axis of Grønland – Hovinbyen. KLODEN should be within walking distance to public transportation and preferably in a growing area. An eastern, but relatively central location will ensure good accessibility. This way, KLODEN can be an important place for as many as possible, and at the same time be a significant resource in the local community and contribute to sustainable urban development.

We are in dialogue with Oxer Eiendom about the possibility of establishing KLODEN in Kabelgata at Økern. This project is very interesting for several reasons, not least in terms of location. ØKERN is easily accessible with public transport, 10 minutes by metro from Jernbanetorget. The place will be a natural center in Hovinbyen, which will have a large influx of inhabitants, especially families, in the years to come. Groruddalen is a popular area, with approx. 140,000 inhabitants in 2016. Despite this, there are very few cultural arenas here. KLODEN will be an artistic engine in the development of this part of the city. The potential is in the combination of features like focus on professionalism and quality, and that it will be a place for national and international performing arts. KLODEN will have close ties with the local community and will expand the city at the same time: Visitors will find that there are large amounts of knowledge and creativity outside of Ring 3. KLODEN can lift and clarify the value in this area.

In a larger perspective, KLODEN will undoubtedly raise awareness internationally and show that Oslo is a city that focuses on children, youth, art and creativity.