Velkommen til KLODEN!

We want to establish a place for the performing arts and children and youngsters. A place where children and adolescents can experience the best professional performing arts from Norway and abroad. A place where artists can meet, challenge and inspire each other. A place that strengthens this field of art through research, criticism and debate. A place where children and young people can perform artistic exploration in collaboration with professional artists. Every week, all year round. Our goal is to provide good experiences and experiences with performing arts for as many children and youngsters as possible.

This place will be unique in Norwegian, and in many ways international context. We have named it KLODEN (The GLOBE) because we think big. This will be a meeting place for different art expressions, different ages, different backgrounds, different agendas and opinions. At KLODEN, diversity is a prerequisite. And the common denominator of all shall be good quality.
has mapped the needs, and highlighted a potential. During the process we have talked to many artists, companies, professionals, youth culture houses, theatres and institutions, and it is very widely agreed that Oslo and Norway need a place like KLODEN.

We want to give children and youth a place that focuses only on them and the professional peforming art throughout the year. Between the venues / institutions, the perfoming arts companies and the freelancers, something is missing: a hub, a place for exploration, development, new meetings and more cooperation.