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The performing arts produced for children and youngsters in Norway is of world-class. It is our task to facilitate the performing arts field to continue to grow and develop. Performing arts must become more publicly available – for children, youth, families and for anyone who works with or believes in it.

This work and publication of KLODEN is a direct result of the work of the book “Scenekunst og de unge”, an anthology describing the wonderful development of the performing arts field for children and adolescents in the last 20 years. After Scenekunstbruket had worked intensively for two years to gather the material and actively engage parts of the performing arts field and academia, the following was clear: There is a clear need to continue work, ensure continuity and create a place for everything that happens in this art field.

This was the starting point for KLODEN, who has led us here we are today, with the publication, which makes up the stage one in our work of realizing a place like KLODEN.

From June 2017, the project will go into phase two. A board will now be established for KLODEN AS, with extensive expertise in establishment and development, and we will develop a solid and sustainable organizational model.

We will continue the dialogue with Oxer Eiendom regarding possible localization of KLODEN in Kabelgata at Økern. By establishing KLODEN here, it will place itself in the midst of the development of a district in enormous growth, which is a priority area for the Oslo municipality. With this, KLODEN could be an engine and have an important role for urban development, building a good and professional art and cultural program for children, youth and families, in parallel with the establishment of housing and industry in the area.

Inviting investors and sponsors, together with the dialogue with Oslo Municipality and state-level support partners, will also constitute a great deal of work in the future.

The progress in phase two is, of course, dependent on further financial support. We have applied to Oslo Municipality for operating support for KLODEN from 2018. If the project receives funds, we will continue the work on localization and design, and it will be possible to conduct a study of areas for performing arts for children and youth at a more general level. In addition, in 2018, we want to carry out several collaborative projects that will mark the start of the practical development of KLODEN.

Together with Cirka Teater in Trondheim we are planning a study of how a stage for the art and the young can be an engine in urban development. How can we develop such a place in parallel and in dialogue with the environment? How can we grow as an important meeting place in the district? The project will involve dialogue with kindergartens, schools, cultural partners and others in the local community, and will be concluded with the preparation of a strategy for the development of KLODEN and Cirka Teater in their respective cities. We plan to collaborate with NTNU, Transborder Studio, DOGA and Kuben High School about this project. We also plan artistic and professional collaboration with choreographer Hege Haagenrud, the company Tigerstadsteater and the theater house Kopergietery (Belgium).

KLODEN will be an open, inviting and cooperative place, and we look forward to continuing the dialogue with all involved environments in the future process. Do you have input or comments – or is just curious about what’s happening on KLODEN? Please contact us!