Finance and organization

We started to plan KLODEN in 2015, and localization and housing were not on top of the agenda. It was important for us to start mapping needs, investigate existing offers and be in dialogue with the performing arts community, partners and stakeholders, as well as the Oslo municipality and other public and private institutions. After a few months it became apparent that the project had broad support and that we should map out the needs and opportunities closer. With support from the Oslo municipality, the Norwegian Culture Council and the Bergesen Foundation, we could start a more extensive work. In cooperation with Transborder Studio we have had the opportunity to become more concrete considering space and space needs for a place like KLODEN – and also localization in Oslo.

Investment and operating expenses
In connection with the two pre-project studies we have done, we have received good input and advice on both investment costs and operating costs. Many assumptions and further investigation must be developed before this can be quantified accurately. As we now go into the next phase of the work, we will prepare financial plans for both investment and operations in a long-term perspective.

Since the KLODEN is intended as a programming scene, Black Box teater is an important reference project regarding the cost of this part of the operation. But KLODEN will also include expanded features such as production facilities, workshops and rental of office space. Here we can compare ourselves to a theater like Teater Innlandet in Hamar. This theater has recently moved into a new house, co-located with Hamar Culture House, and is therefore based on important experiences we want to bring with us in the work on establishing KLODEN. In addition, Transborder Studio has prepared preliminary estimates for the establishment of KLODEN, and they have compiled the opportunity study for KLODEN in Kabelgata with the investment and construction of Dansens Hus in Oslo, which is also a central reference for KLODEN.

Private and public funds
In the further work, we will put a lot of emphasis on bringing private investors and foundations in the establishment of KLODEN. KLODEN will be a force in urban development, which will also contribute positively to the business interests in the local community. The report issued in June 2017, will serve as a basis for inviting investors and sponsors to create a sustainable local environment with perfoming arts and young people.

At the same time, we are quite clear that a place like KLODEN can not be operated only on expected operating revenues and private funds. Local and / or government support is also required. A prerequisite for KLODEN’s realization is political will and a desire to help establish a stage for the performing arts and children and youngsters, with both local, national and international perspectives. The work we now have done is a good example of both municipal, state and private funds. We are in a good dialogue with Oslo Municipality about KLODEN and have also applied to the municipality for assets for 2018.

Income Basis
KLODEN will be available and open all year and ticket income must be kept to a minimum. We think performing arts for children and youth should be accessible to all regardless of background and the parent’s wallet. It is desirable to collaborate with sponsors to help the KLODEN be open for all.

At KLODEN there will be production rooms with a rental price that makes the site available also for freelancers and performing arts companies with relatively low budgets. It will also be possible to exchange services where artists can borrow rehearsal rooms an in exchange they, for example, keep a workshop free of charge for young people. In addition, it will be possible to rent rooms for companies, organizations and festivals, and in that case, prioritize the events relevant to KLODEN’s target group / business.

Co-location with other organizations, such as the Scenekunstbruket and Danse- og teatersentrum (Performing arts hub Norway), in addition to offering a corporate partnership for companies and individuals, will also be a part of the revenue base. In addition, we want to be a place where students in high school in different ways can be a resource in day-to-day operations.

Organization and ownership
KLODEN AS is owned by Norsk Scenekunstbruk AS. The board of Scenekunstbruket is the general assembly.

The work presented on this webpage and in the publication, we look at as stage one in the realization of the project. In phase two, as we enter from June 2017, we will establish a new board that will be broadly composed and competent to handle the challenges and tasks we face. The board will also gradually develop an appropriate organizational model, and build the organization from establishment to full operation.

Scenekunstbruket will play a central role in the further establishment phase. With its expertise and its national and international network, Scenekunstbruket will be the most important partner and a driving force to ensure a good realization of KLODEN.