The ideological basis of Scenekunstbruket is about seeking collaboration and contributing to the sharing of art, expertise and information, and ensure that the various institutions and artists are connected locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, through a distributed network. This is the we have been building Scenekunstbruket for the past 20 years, to become the most important and largest distributor of performing art for the young audience, and a center of expertise for the art field. Similarly, we build KLODEN.

In a distributed network there is no center and periphery. What keeps the network together is the partners common wishes and aspirations. We want KLODEN to be a focal point in such a network: a place with a distinct artistic profile, where professionalism and quality are leading, and at the same time a place that attracts different projects and initiatives. New ideas, expressions and cooperation will grow on KLODEN.

The different partners, in a distributed network are not similar, but they are equally important. This means that at KLODEN, for example, the National Theater and a secondary school should be equivalent. In other words, to achieve the goal of more good performing arts for more young people, it is necessary to cooperate closely with all interested and relevant partners. KLODEN will strengthen performing arts by ensuring collaboration.

The network in which KLODEN belongs, is local, regional, national and international. International guest performances can be played both on KLODEN and in the national touring network elsewhere in the country. Norwegian plays can more easily access multiple venues. And through collaboration with local kindergartens, schools and arts and other culture institutions, KLODEN can help create a vibrant, creative and sustainable community, and KLODEN will be a hub for the entire performing arts field.

As a concept, the distributed networks are often associated with interaction and sharing cultures on the Internet. As a physical venue, KLODEN should be place to physically meet. At the same time, KLODEN  should be a platform for discussion and criticism without physical boundaries, with content and participation from both young and adult, through the Internet.

A network without center and periphery is in principle infinite. KLODEN is going to be a place that develops and shows a diversity of expressions and where the cultural diversity in Oslo gets an artistic window. KLODEN should be a place where people who differ from the majority, have access like all others, are inspired and are a resource.

For SCENEKUNSTBRUKET, collaboration and networking – and from the bottom up perspective – are the main pillars of the business, both in theory and practice. Through our network, we reach over 3,000 venues across the country, including kindergartens, schools, cultural centers, theatres / venues and festivals, as well as international venues. This way of working is reflected in how we have mapped the needs of a place like KLODEN. The process has been open all the way. We have had idea workshops, shared information through Internet and held public information meetings, as well as regular meetings with people in all parts of the art field – institutions, organizations, freelancers and performing arts companies.

KLODEN’s audience is children, youth and families. Content providers are the professional performing arts and other partners. What keeps the network together must be a common ambition for more good experiences and experiences with performing arts for more children and young people.

A vitally distributed network with an energetic meeting place like KLODEN will provide greater artistic freedom, richer diversity of expressions, more art production and more professional venues and arenas, for the benefit of artists and audiences both locally and across the country.