La gente de la Tierra – Mezcolanza Theater

The time of the performances may be changed.

“La gente de la tierra / People of the Earth” rises as a provocation to express an unavoidable social issue: migration and exile.

This is a theater production that tells the story of Rosa Avendaño, a Chilean woman who, like many others, came to Norway due to the dictatorship in Chile in the late 1990s.

Fifty years after the Pinochet dictatorship, we ask ourselves the question: What have we learned from the past? How does this history resonate with us today?

Norway and Chile, two cultures that may seem distant from each other, are discovered through an essential necessity. Mezcolanza Theatre aims to tell the story of people who had to give up their identity due to violence and seek a new cultural identity.

We want to tell these personal stories and discuss how the past has had a direct impact on our present, understanding that this is an ongoing construction. We believe that delving into memories is an opportunity to take stronger steps toward reflection and perhaps towards the utopian idea of possible change.

Target Audience: Youth and adults from 14 – 100 years

Venue: Pilotscenen

Duration: 80 minutes


Directed and Produced by: Mezcolanza Theater

Lighting Design / Set Design: Carlos Patrick Casanova

Actors: Angy Avendano, Pilar Carre, Ivet Sanz

Music Composer: Mats Høstaker

Graphic Design: Daniela Ruiz

Fri 2. - Sat 3. February 2024

2 shows

Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

Price: 100 - 150,-

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Friday 2. February - kl. 19.00 Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

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Saturday 3. February - kl. 19.00 Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

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