Chameleons – Unge Viken Teater

“Let me be wild, let me laugh
In my own language
It’s not noise you hear
It is my soul that moves”

“The Chameleons” is about growing up and cross-cultural identity. About fumbling to find yourself, finding your place and where you belong. About sending heart emojis to grandma in Tunisia because you don’t speak the same language, about blending in, standing out, about love that is like candy, about “skin-colored” pencils, about racism and prejudice, about secret codes, about adapting so well that you lose yourself and about finding your group of friends and about how you are allowed to change throughout your life.

When you grow up between two cultures, you, like the chameleon, are an expert at adapting to different environments, people, languages, cultures and codes. You possess a chameleon skill that not everyone has.

“The Chameleons” is a physical performance where text, dance and music are equally important. The soundtrack was composed by 18-year-old Tayza Naing. The performance is based on interviews and texts from young people in Oslo and Viken, conversations with people from cross-cultural backgrounds and the artists’ own experiences.

Target Audience: From 13 years

Venue: Pilot Stage

Duration: 45 minutes


Concept by Zezé Kolstad developed with Sarah Camille Osmundsen and Lill Salole

Playwright: Sarah Camille Osmundsen

Performers: Mariko Miyata Jancey, Victor Amel Olivares Pedersen, and Hawa Janlo

Director and Choreographer: Zezé Kolstad

Set and Costume Designer: Silje Sandodden Kise

Composer: Tayza Naing

Lighting Design: Håkon Karlsen

Makeup: Gisella Francisca

Dramaturge: Lina Killingdalen

Costume Seamstress: Line Jeanette Antonsen

Subject Expert: Lill Salole

Mentor/Composer Facilitator: Balita Serge Buhendwa

Voice Recording: Naimo Abdulkadir Shiiq Omar

Technician: Eirik Mikkelsen (SHOWLAB)

Idea Development Dramaturge: Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Producer: Sandra Sandbye

Produced by Unge Viken Teater

Production Photo: Tale Hendnes

Special thanks to: Åsne at Rommen Scene for invaluable assistance in connecting us with the young people we have met in the process. Thanks for inspiration, conversations, and contributions to the text from: 9th grade at Kjeller School (22/23), Rommen School, Oslo Adult Education Skullerud, Fanny Edvarda Bjørn, Lasse Bjørn, Thomas Gandi Ekeberg Nilsen, Lorita Ineza, Leo Hutchinson Wagbø, Tayza Naing, Ting Malin Lloyd, Naimo Abdulkadir Omar, Heran Zeresenay Teklu, Mandeeq Said Osman-Roble, Balita Serge Buhendwa, Nordic Black Express (NBX) with Farqaleet Iqbal, Anna Trindade Eriksen, Khadeeja Ahmed, Hanna Ocide Kidula, Mahdi Bilal Abusalah, Cesilie Geanina Jørgensen, Mieri Joak, Yara Emilie Bjaarstad Medina, Franklin Mukadiv, Jawad Aziz, and Tobias Halle Furunes.

Friday 1. December

2 shows

Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

Price: 75 - 200,-

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Friday 1. December - kl. 12.00 Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

Sold out

Friday 1. December - kl. 18.00 Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

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