The way out is the way in

Christine Nypan

05/03 / 18:00 / ungdom/unge voksne / Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

 “The way out is the way in” is a visceral experience through movement, rhythm, and sound.

The performance explores the rhythmic patterns and repetitions created by the dancer’s movement, as well as the sound produced by their bodies.

The body takes the lead in creating sound and music through physical movement. Exploring how the body’s singular, instinctive and  inherent musicality can create a soundtrack for itself.

The sound of the movements is captured, translated, and manipulated live by two DJs and music producers.

Traveling through rhythmical patterns, repetitions, and bodily sounds, the dancers and the crowd are brought to an auditive and/or  physical trance.

«I put out what is inside to receive and give space for new input. The input is perceived and felt, interrogated, or maybe just followed intuitively. The more output comes, it pours, like drops creating a rhythm, the pauses between, time. Time as a strategy and a need to be out of time, and to have time. That time is endless. Here I can feel you under my skin. I feel me and us together. And music is what holds us for that. Out of time, in time.»   – Choreographers’ notes

Co-creators and performers:
Abigail Vrede
Tonje Svendsen
Eshidoreen Paradiso
Mathias Englestad
Carina Stave
Tuva Godnes Iversen
Carl Peters
Benny Nguyen
Pernille Øien
Egil Mikael

Composition and live music:
Nikolai Nypan
Arvid Ingvarsson

Light design: Eirik Lie Hegre

Costume design: Amanda B. Vesthardt

Artistic guidance: Mia Habib
Bojana Cveijc, Janne-Camilla Lyster

Voice work: Marius Holt

Photo: Sanghoon Lee

Forestillingen er den avsluttende prosessen til Christine Nypans  MA i koreografi fra Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo. Visningen er et samarbeide mellom Kloden teater og Christine Nypan.

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