03/12 / 15:00 / 6 ÅR / Kabelgata 19, 3. etasje

In a secluded brick building on Økern, among industrial premises and high-rise apartment blocks, we find Oslo’s best-kept secret: a magical tramcar that takes you all the way to the North Pole. For many decades, passengers have been able to travel with the 11 tram to this fabled place to leave behind their greatest wish.

But now the tram’s future is at stake. Dark capitalist forces have taken over the capital, and decided that the North Pole Magical Tram Transport will be razed to the ground.

Join us on a dangerous and spectacular journey through time and space, and save the city’s most adventurous tram line from disappearing.


Both the audience and critics were excited by last year’s Christmas performance from Feil Teater, the 11-tram goes to the North Pole. Now the company is back with another magical winter adventure, this time in collaboration with Kloden theatre.


Nordpolen Magiske Trikketransport is a free theater experience based on interviews with children from all over Oslo, and takes the audience on a grand tram ride from Økern all the way to the northernmost point on earth. Welcome abord!


The performance is suitable for children aged 6 and over.

Language: Norwegian

Duration: Approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes


NB: Only 20 places per performance.

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