Premiere: The Silence hotel

Kompani 24

27/01 / 19:00 / Youth/Young adult / Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

Welcome to The Silence hotel, a treatment clinic for the disorder “information obesity”; a continuous overload of unnecessary information and technological noise on the outer brain wall. Our specialist, Dr. Tjalve follows up all our patients closely.

What exactly are the strange and original treatment methods being used to help patients? All the doctors, specialist nurses and cognitive therapists tell the patients the same thing; “You must befriend the silence or you will not survive!”

Will they be cured or will they be lost in the deep valleys of technology?

Language: Norwegian


Herman Lepsøe Ohrvik – actor, costume manager
Jakob Dahl Skarpeid – actor, scenographer
Jon Olav Gulbrandsen – actor, lighting designer
William Kjeldsberg – actor, composer
Kim-Runar Klodiussen – actor, script
Tormod Draget Skavern – actor, script
Mats Gukild – actor, choreographer
Peder Kaalstad – actor, director

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