No one

Akimbo Theatre

16/04 / 18:00 / young/adult / Pilotscenen, Kloden teater

Strange events have begun to happen in Wellston – haunted pubs, demonic forces, a woman has disappeared.

No One is a modern remix of “The Invisible Man” by HG Wells as a high-octane thriller. We follow Thomas, a naive student, who befriends an invisible man named Griffin. His friendship with Griffin brings him fame and fortune, friendship, but he is also taken advantage of.

Told through several characters and angles, we rewind back and forth, and everything may not be quite as we think. Or maybe it is? The question is whether Griffin really exists. And is he the violent monster people want us to believe?

Akimbo Theater Company has taken HG Wells’ story of misinformation, abuse of power and what it feels like to be overlooked by society and reimagined it for our digital age. The form of the performance reflects the fast pace of modern life, and not least; the way rumors take on a life of their own when they go viral.

And how do you actually play an invisible man in a believable and human way? Wait and see!

The performance played to sold-out houses during last year’s Showbox festival, and became an audience favourite.

The exciting story and the cool action scenes mixed with the possibility of interpretation make the show one of the coolest, maybe the coolest, show we’ve ever seen. – Young voices

The performance is in English.

AKIMBO Theater Company is a new theater company founded at the Ecole Internationale de Theater Jacques Lecoq in 2021. Their performances are action-packed, beautiful and comical, with an innovative creative language that mixes storytelling and physical theater with martial arts, clowning and the absurd. They are an international company with a diverse background. Each of the seven members brings their strength to the group, in an open collaborative process to develop new and unique performances.


Actors: Owen Bleach, Rosanna Mallinson, Pierre Moullier, Florian Wiedenbach, Halvor Tangen Schultz

DJ and lighting technician: Jonathan Ben-Shaul
Lighting design: Cecil Fenn

The team: Pierre Moullier, Halvor Schultz, Florian Wiedenbach, Jonathan Ben-Shaul, Rosanna Malinson, Owen Bleach, Lexie Baker

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