Eid av Oslo kommune

Sofia Knudsen Estifanos

07/05 / 18:00 / Young/adult / Pilotscenen, Kloden teater


If the system owns the words, the system also owns you.

Owned by Oslo municipality is the story of the Princess. She is in the National Library for the thirty millionth time to tell her story and take her rightful place on the shelves there. But the Princess has a lot on her mind, and it is difficult to include everything. Fortunately, the librarian there is so good that she helps with feedback and tips and tricks, so this will pay off. Or will it?

Owned by Oslo municipality is a slam poetry theater performance for young adults and adult young about storytelling and power. About which stories are told and about who gets to tell them, on what terms. About how strange and confusing it can be to maneuver through a jungle of stories that are adapted from, but not necessarily by, the one they describe. About being a lot of “little”, but not “enough” of anything. About loving cheese doodles. And about being a Princess who is Damn. Fed. Up. Of adventure.


Actors: Sofia Knudsen Estifanos and Mari Elise Haugen
Director: Cici Henriksen
Script: Sofia Knudsen Estifanos
Scenography/lighting design: Agnethe Tellefsen
Costume: Raven Kvikkestøyl Helland
Music: Beatur

Performance photo: Ola Vatn
Poster photo: Morten Bendiksen

Produced by Jovialkontoret with co-producer SPKRBOX, in collaboration with Kloden Teater and Nationaltheatret.

Owned by Oslo municipality, it is made with support from the Culture Council and Dramatikkens Hus.

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