Fabelflakseren – Unge Viken Theatre

In the colorful car, there is something hidden! But what? Two eager individuals open the car and reveal a big flower? Or wait – a tractor! Are they going to play music?

They try, but in the tractor, they find a large egg, and the egg makes a sound! What could it be? A bird? A crocodile? A fuzzy little caterpillar?

Fabelflakseren is a fun and imaginative outdoor performance full of surprises. The music is created in collaboration with preschool children and the audience during the show.

The performance is free, just show up.

Target audience: From 2 years old

Venue: Linderud Farm

Duration: 30 minutes


By: Giert Werring & Tiril Valeur

With: Annie Dahr Nygaard and Erikk McKenzie

Director: Giert Werring

Visual Designer: Tiril Valeur

Composer: Erikk McKenzie, with sounds from children at Vormsund Kindergarten

Dramaturge: Hilda Levin

Producer: Carolinn Helgerud

Produced by: Unge Viken Theatre

Saturday 16. september