What is Kloden Theatre?

At Kloden Theatre, youth, children, and adults are meant to have fun, exciting and engaging experiences together and individually. Everyone should feel that Kloden Theatre is a safe place and that they are warmly welcome, regardless of their background, identity or ability.

In 2022, we presented 166 performances with 31 companies/theatres for an audience of 7790. There have been performances from all over Norway, international guest performances, and we host festivals such as Showbox, Heddadagene and GoFigure.

Kloden Theatre is a programming theatre for the performing arts, focusing on the youth, presenting high-quality Norwegian and international stage performances. We are located in Kabelgata at Økern, at the bottom of Groruddalen in Oslo. Currently, we have a pilot stage at Kabelgata 31, as well as a small loft stage at Kabelgata 19. In the near future, construction will begin for the Kloden Theatre building, with two stages, rehearsal rooms, workshops and a café.

Kloden Theatre is a professional hub and production venue for everyone working with performing arts for young audiences in Norway. We also have excellent production facilities for the wider performing arts sector. Currently, we have two stages and production spaces in Kabelgata: The Pilot Stage and The Loft. We also present performances at other locations in the city.

Kloden Theatre works systematically to offer a wide range of artistic expressions and make cultural life more relevant and accessible to underrepresented population groups – both as audiences and participants.

Quality, professionalism and diversity are the fundamental pillars of Kloden Theatre. Kloden Theatre aims to showcase the very best performing arts from Norway and abroad, and set a new standard for artistic projects involving children and youth.