Do you want to rent the pilot stage?

The pilot stage at Kloden Theatre is now established in Kabelgata on Økern, in the heart of Hovinbyen.

This is the first part of Kloden theater and will be a place with production and showing of performances, professional events, artistic projects for and with children and young people in collaboration with professional artists, as well as various types of gatherings for both the local and performing arts. Kloden Pilot is a project that makes it possible to develop and test content and programs in practice, leading up to the opening of the Kloden theater house in 2025.


At the pilot stage, we will program screenings of Norwegian and international performances for children and young people, and we will also rent them out so that other actors can show their performances here or to have rehearsals.

The pilot stage is a black box with an audience capacity of 120 people in an amphitheater, and the venue can be rented with or without technology. At the moment, for infection control reasons, it is only possible to rent the venue for rehearsals, not audience-oriented events.

Contact for prices and availability.

Floor plans, list of equipment and instructions