Thinking out loud in Hovinbyen

We have had a workshop with Pådriv and Kybri discussing finance and how Kloden can contribute to social inclusion in Oslo. We had great help from people who in various ways work to make the capital a better city to live in.

Our goal for Kloden is to focus its resources on performances, art experiments, events for professionals and great stuff for the local community. If we get more financial help with the development and builing of Kloden, we can ensure a healthy economy and also, that a large part of the yearly budget goes directly to projects for citizens, artists and professionals.

Do you know anywhone who might like to contribute? Get in touch!

Kloden is one of the projects being Pådriv, aiming to create a sustainable development in Hovinbyen, Oslo’s largest urban

Tenker høyt i Hovinbyen 2 Tenker høyt i Hovinbyen 1


Photo: Mathilde Mjønes/Kybri (hovedbilde) og Guri Hummelsund.